Fortune: “You have a strong desire for a home and your family comes first.” Reading: “You’re going to die alone.”


… even if you’ve never written a haiku in your life. Or if you’ve only ever written in 5-7-5. No, really, National Haiku Writing Month is a thing. And it’s approaching fast. February, the shortest month of the year, is reserved for the shortest poetry genre in the world. The goal: Write one haiku a […]


Fortune: “Don’t accept that others know better than you.” Reading: “Let them prove it to you.”


Last Wednesday was sloth paragraph day. I love sloth paragraph day. It’s possibly my favorite 20 minutes we spend in class all semester. This is the only time where I send my students into an assignment blind. It’s usually part of one of their informal, daily writings. I merely say, “Write a paragraph about ‘sloth’. […]


This morning as I was browsing my Facebook feed, I saw that Jamez Chang, flash fiction editor for Counterexample Poetics, linked to an interview with the editors of WhiskeyPaper. It’s a nifty interview—it gave me a new publication to explore. But it was also just nice to see an editor interview. I see far more […]


Fortune: “The greatest happiness comes from the greatest activity.” Reading: “Stop being lazy.”


When I began planning my undergraduate honors research project, my advisor told me that I would need to be defensive of my time. While this is good advice for anyone, he told me this knowing me all too well. Even as an introvert who loves to be holed up in her house for days on […]